Trump has a problem with the term "Community Colleges"

From a report on his appearance at the "Generation Next" White House forum:

In the midst of answering a question from Kirk about tax cuts passed last year, Trump repeated an anecdote he tells frequently about a former classmate who was "not going to be Einstein academically" but could fix an engine or a motor blindfolded.

"But he’ll never be a student, nor did he want that kind of learning, that kind of whatever you want to call it," Trump said. "So we need vocational schools. Now, they call them, a lot of times, community colleges. I don’t think it’s an accurate definition."

This isn't the first time Trump has complained about the name "Community College." Back then, the Association for Career and Technical Education published a sentence-by-sentence rebuttal of his argument. It appears the most substantive policy Trump offers to career and technical education is limited to branding efforts.