A community college debate team has won the National Championship


Santa Rosa Junior College beat UC Berkeley, the first time a two-year institution has won in the 25 years the competition has taken place. From the press release:

Hal Sanford, Director of Forensics, states, “Capturing an unprecedented national title during the 100th Anniversary of our beloved college is truly magic. It underscores how special and privileged we all are to be part of our students’ lives, to behold their personal journey. Competitive critical thinking and public speaking under time pressure are not for everybody, but I have been blessed to witness students select a personal evolution that reflects their wishes and furthers their chosen life path. Sometimes, in the moment, their course may seem unclear, but wisdom and time often connect seemingly disparate dots into a masterpiece, a beautiful and meaningful life.”

It's almost as if there's more to community colleges than vocational training.

Trump has a problem with the term "Community Colleges"

From a report on his appearance at the "Generation Next" White House forum:

In the midst of answering a question from Kirk about tax cuts passed last year, Trump repeated an anecdote he tells frequently about a former classmate who was "not going to be Einstein academically" but could fix an engine or a motor blindfolded.

"But he’ll never be a student, nor did he want that kind of learning, that kind of whatever you want to call it," Trump said. "So we need vocational schools. Now, they call them, a lot of times, community colleges. I don’t think it’s an accurate definition."

This isn't the first time Trump has complained about the name "Community College." Back then, the Association for Career and Technical Education published a sentence-by-sentence rebuttal of his argument. It appears the most substantive policy Trump offers to career and technical education is limited to branding efforts.